Hefel Wohnbau


Once upon a time in a quiet village in Vorarlberg, Austria, was a residual construction company named Hefel, which envisioned to transform its showroom into an innovative and multidimensional experience, which could visualise building projects awfully realistic.
Customers of the company should already experience the size of the rooms, the facilities and the incidence of light even before the start of construction.
In cooperation with Witsch Media and Cyworx, we developed a showroom with a curved VR screen, a 17m² video wall and a virtual reality visualisation platform. Moreover, the room is equipped with moveable 4D cinema chairs and an immersive audio system.

Almost everything - from the lighting, the volume of sound, as well as the video wall, cinema chairs and 3D model - can be automatically controlled thanks to our threePort software.

This complex, high-tech system was a challenging task, which is why we eventually are beyond proud of the outcome.
And they visualised happily ever after.